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Why Have Prices Gone Up?

Why Have Prices Gone Up?

If you have been a Felted Sky customer for awhile, you might be wondering why the prices went up on almost everything we carry.

The main reason is that we wanted to be able to wholesale a full line of kits and supplies to brick and mortar shops. We want to grow our business beyond what two people can keep up with so that our own family can reach our goals but also because we love needle felting and want to share it with a much wider audience.  We want a person to be able to walk into their local yarn or craft store, wherever they live, and find needle felting supplies on the shelves. We’re hoping a lot of those supplies will be ours.

To move towards this big vision, we’ve crunched the numbers a lot and came to the conclusion that we simply had to raise prices. It’s a big gamble, especially because most of our online competitors are still going to be selling similar products at lower prices. We’re hoping that the experience we’re offering including stocking such a wide array of colors (192!) in 3 sizes, user-friendly beautiful packaging, fast shipping and great customer service will still give value to our online customers.

Along with offering wholesale opportunities for shops, we will also be offering a school discount, and an artist discount through our website.  Anyone who can provide proof of using our products to make items that they sell or exhibit, teach classes with, or use for art school will be eligible for the artist discount. Please contact us to apply and get set up with a special login.  If you are just using our supplies for personal enjoyment, please watch for sales - we will be doing more of them! These will be announced in our e-mail newsletter which you can sign up for on the home page by scrolling down to the bottom and entering your e-mail in the newsletter field. 

Lastly, and most importantly we want to say thank-you to our customers for getting us this far.  We hope you’ll stick with us as we continue the journey of growing our shop and our brand. 

Elizabeth and Joshua

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