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25 Pack of Unpainted 38 Twisted Needles - Seconds

$33.00 $13.00

60% off because of the issues described below!

This pack is deeply discounted because there are rust spots forming on the needles. These spots are currently showing as discoloration that has not fully turned into rust yet. They will work perfectly well but please read more about rust below.

About this needle: 

38 Twisted (Brown) A nice general needle for general sculpting. It has a little more oomph to it than the other 38 gauge needles.

Rust generally does not affect the function of felting needles. They can be wiped and coated in an anti-corrosion oil if you want to clean them up and prevent further rusting. It is rare for rusted needles to discolor the wool you are working with as long as you have wiped them before you start using them.

Felting needles do tend to rust over time (over a number of months or years), especially when exposed to humidity. They are made of high carbon steel, not stainless steel.  We had a few batches of needles in 2022 that started rusting more quickly than usual. These are for sale at significant discounts. We are now taking a number of new precautions so that our needles arrive in brand new condition at the time of purchase.

SECONDS needles are final sale (no returns).

A note on rust and tetanus: although rusty metal has become synonymous with the risk of tetanus, tetanus is not caused by rust itself, but by a bacteria that is prevalent in manure and soil. Our felting needles are manufactured and stored in a clean indoor environment. We believe that they are not a health risk, but please be sure that you feel comfortable and educated on this topic if you decide to purchase these needles.