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Baby Elephant Felter's Canvas

$9.00 $5.00

This batch of Baby Elephant dyed a little darker than it is supposed to be, and also has a slight blue-ish tint to the wool.  Otherwise, first quality but we are selling them at a discount because the color was a bit off.

This is some very lovely 100% wool prefelt. Prefelt stands for preliminary felt, meaning that it is not all the way felted yet. Because of this it is very easy to needle felt into it compared to craft felt.  It is intended to be used as a backing for 2d needle felted artwork (also known as wool paintings). Felter's Canvas is thick enough to work well, but thin enough to put into a wood hoop for framing.

Currently available in 12 in. x 12 in. pieces, in 16 colors. 100% made in the USA, from US wool.