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Colorbox - Autumn Colors


This is a box of 25 colors of felting wool - all 1/8 oz. rolls.  This is the same size used in most of our kits.  The wool in this box is a mix of our three types of wool: Felter's Flowing Wool, Felter's Fleece, and Felter's Palette.  

These vibrant colors were chosen because they're the ones that Elizabeth reaches for the most when making fall landscapes and decorations.  They work well for pumpkins and leaves.

Colors included in this box are:

Felter's Flowing Wool:
Bald Eagle, Banana, Bing Cherry, Dune, Lipstick, Little Fox, Oregano, Pumpkin, Tomato

Felter's Fleece: Bark, Brick, Camel, Carrot, Gecko, Hemlock, Meadow, Mesa, Sunny Side Up, Watermelon

Felter's Palette: Chestnut, Coal, Log Cabin, Tangerine, Yam