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Felting Needles


Pick the type of needles you want.  Choose painted or unpainted in packs of 7 or 25. All needles come in a cute paper tube with a "cheat sheet" on the back, so you know what type of needles you have and what they are recommended for.

Painted needles are our favorite for keeping track of what type of needles we have especially during a project where we're using different types. But, most tools won't fit painted needles, so if you are purchasing needles to go in a tool, you will want to order unpainted instead.

Pick from these types of needles:

36 Triangle (Black) Use for beginning stages of felting especially on larger sculptural projects; it helps shaping to go faster. This needle can also be used for attaching parts and for flat felting into prefelt.

38 Triangle (White) A great all-around needle for either sculpting or flat work. If you are only going to have one needle to work with, this would be a good one to pick.

40 Triangle (Yellow) Use for the later stages of sculpting where you want to start smoothing and finishing the surface. Most of our sculpting kits come with 36T and 40T needles. Also works well for flat detail work.

42 Triangle (Green) Use for the final stages of sculpting where you want to smooth and finish the surface. Also good for detail work and making small parts such as the leaves in our succulent kit.

38 Twisted (Brown) A nice general needle for the middle stages of sculpting projects. It has a little more oomph to it than the other 38 gauge needles.

40 Twisted (Purple) A nice general needle for small sculpting projects or finishing larger ones. It felts efficiently without leaving big puncture holes.

38 Star (Blue) My favorite needle to use when felting into fabric. All of our flat needle felting kits that are worked on linen come with this needle. 

Variety Pack Only available painted. The 7 pack comes with one of each type of needle mentioned above. The 25 pack comes with 4 of each Triangle needle, and 3 each of the Twisted and Star needles. 

Please note that there is no universal color code for felting needles. Our colors are unique to Felted Sky and may not coincide with felting needles purchased elsewhere.

These needles are made by a German company that is still manufacturing in the EU.