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Lake Reflections Needle Felting Kit


Everyone who sees this beautiful wool landscape falls in love with it. This is an "advanced beginner" or "intermediate" kit. It is not much harder than our beginner hoop landscapes but it does help to have a little flat felting experience before you dive in. This kit comes with the frame. Leave it unfinished, or you can paint or stain it if you prefer.

Felting time: 4+ hrs. depending on individual felting speed.

Kit is beautifully packaged and includes:

Instruction Booklet with general needle felting info + pictures of every step
Link to video instructions (highly recommended!)
Three color-coded felting needles in a handy paper tube
Three types of felting wool
Wool backing (our Felter's Prefelt)
Pine wood picture frame (11x11 inches)

You will also need:

Glue to secure the picture to the backer board once it is finished. Hot glue is recommended.
A mat to use as a work surface. Choose from foam or wool. Foam is the most economical but wears out the fastest. Wool is eco-friendly, very long lasting and works particularly well for this project but is a higher up front investment.

This kit is intended for adults and kids over 10 yrs. who possess good manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and ability to work with focus and care. (Caution - felting needles are sharp!)