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Pumpkin Blanks - 6 pack

These are almost the same as the wool ball blanks that we use for Christmas ornaments, but we make sure that these have plenty of squish to them so that it is easy to put the ribs on your pumpkins!  This listing is for a pack of 6 wool balls that come packaged in a cute reusable bag. Balls measure approximately 3 in. x 3 in. 

These balls are *partially* felted. They still have a good bit of squish to them, unlike wool dryer balls. This means that they are malleable enough to easily make indented ribs in your pumpkins.  As an FYI, it takes 1/8 oz. of Felter's Palette to cover one ball and a small amount of a contrasting color to make the "ribs."  We like using Felter's Flowing wool for our ribs.  1/8 oz. is enough for around 4-5 pumpkins.

Made in Nepal from New Zealand wool.