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Clover Pen Style Needle Felting Tool

This is a nice tool that gives you a more comfortable grip for needle felting. You can use it with one, two, or three needles inserted. I like that it has a cap so that you can carry it around with you without the worry of poking yourself or breaking the needles.

I tend to leave all three needles in it and I use this tool the most when I'm sculpting small 3d objects. It helps the initial sculpting phase go faster when poking with three needles instead of one. I don't use this tool as much for my flat pictures, but occasionally I do pick it up for that too depending on the picture. The needles are spaced quite close together, so I don't like it for larger sculptures or larger 2d pictures (except for more detailed parts), but I do find it quite handy to use on small projects.

You can replace the needles in this tool if/when they break. It will fit any unpainted felting needles including the ones that we carry here at Felted Sky.