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Wool Mini Mat

Doing a lot of needle felting (or planning to), and tired of buying foam that's not eco-friendly to begin with and wears out quickly? Then this is the mat for you!

A Felted Sky exclusive, this needle felting mat is a smaller version of our large wool mat and is made from 100% wool. It is a cute but practical size at 5.5 x 5.5 inches and 1 inch thick (approximately). It is a very sturdy little work surface that will last for many projects. Easy to take along in a project bag if you're felting something small.

We love this wool mat both for sculpting and for flat felting (small projects). In fact it is the best thing we've ever tried for flat, detailed pictures. Unlike foam, It holds up project after project without breaking down. We estimate that it can take 6 months of every day felting if you use both sides, and will last years for more infrequent felting. When it does eventually need to be replaced, because it is 100% wool you may be able to compost it or find other uses for it.

We recommend this mat for all of our kits where you will be making small parts on it and a larger mat is not needed. Note that because of its small size, it is not recommended for any of our flat kits except for Joy Ornaments.

Third and Fourth pictures show it with our large wool mat. 

Made in Nepal from New Zealand wool.