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25 Pack of 40 Triangle Painted Needles - SECONDS

$38.00 $19.00

50% off because of the imperfections described below!

This is a 25 pack of 40 Triangle needles.

These packs are on sale because when they were painted, the paint came out extra thick and gritty feeling, rather than smooth. You may be able to file or sand them to get a smoother surface, but they may need to be used as-is. There may be a tiny bit of rusting or yellow paint near the tips of a few of these needles but it is very minimal. These are all very useable. They are on sale because of the paint issue.

About this needle: 

40 Triangle (Yellow) Use for the later stages of sculpting where you want to start smoothing and finishing the surface. Most of our sculpting kits come with 36T and 40T needles. Also works well for flat detail work.

SECONDS needles are final sale (no returns).