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About Us

            Our Story...            

Felted Sky is our family business, run by Elizabeth Whitton and Joshua Barfelz. Elizabeth found needle felting when our oldest daughter started at a Waldorf school in 2011 and the rest grew from there.  She started selling wool on Etsy in 2012 from her first shop and Felted Sky was launched on Etsy in late 2013.  With big plans for growing and expanding our product line, Joshua started working in the business in 2017. In 2019 we started hiring employees and now we have 8 great people who help keep everything going. Elizabeth’s mom and dad and our daughters still help out sometimes when we get really busy. 

We love sparking creativity in others and helping them to felt something beautiful. It warms our hearts when we get pictures back from our customers of what they’ve been making. With needle felting being so therapeutic and stress-relieving, we also like to think that we’re having a positive impact.  The best days are when a customer tells us that our shop (and needle felting) has changed their life for the better. We think that needle felting is going to keep growing for years to come as more people find it and try it and we’re excited to be part of that growth. 


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