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Rainbow Scrap Bag


Are you doing felting projects where you need small amounts of each color? Perhaps you're coordinating a classroom project for kids or just want to build up your own color palette without breaking the bank. If so, this is a great grab bag for you!

This bag contains a rainbow of many colors. It is a mixture of wool preparations but they all felt well. These are the pieces that are left over from weighing out the wool that we sell, prototyping new kits, teaching classes, and our own felting projects. Types include our Felter's Palette batting, Felter's Fleece batting, Felter's Flowing Wool roving, leftover batting from making prefelt, hand dyed batting and occasionally a bit of some other type of felting wool. Weight totals 5 oz.

We try to make sure you get many colors in each bag. Each bag contains approximately 36 colors, give or take. Some pieces are quite small, others are bigger.

Please note that the colors included in each bag vary. There will be a good variety, but what you receive will not necessarily be the same colors as in the picture