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Rose Wreath Needle Felting Kit

$70.00 $52.50

This kit is being discontinued to make room for other new kits. It may come back as a digital pattern and/or return at some point in the future but for now this is the last chance to get it!

This is a big but satisfying project that produces a lovely wreath.  Perfect to hang on a door or in a little girl's bedroom or nursery. Also makes a great gift.

The roses are made by felting their petals one at a time using cookie cutters to start the shaping.  Leaves are made free-form without the help of a cutter but there is a pattern template to help.  Everything gets put together once all the pieces are made.

Kit is beautifully packaged and includes:

wood hexagon wreath
6 colors of felting wool
4 felting needles (extras in case you break any)
small wool mat
set of three cookie cutters
Detailed instruction booklet that also contains general needle felting information
Link to video tutorial (highly recommended!)

Not included: hot glue + glue gun for securing everything to the wreath

This kit is intended for adults and kids over 10 yrs. who possess good manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and ability to work with focus and care. (Caution - felting needles are sharp!)